"Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong."

— Mandy Hale (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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Progress update

I’ve fallen off my fitness regiment about 3 weeks ago. I did a 70 mile trial ride at the end of June and it was tough as hell. It didn’t kill me but I definitely felt it a couple of days later.

The following week on July 6th, I did the Tour De Queens which was 20 miles. It wasn’t bad, mostly flats so that was easy. But what made it difficult was that I was sick and could hardly breathe. It was hard core for a week then eased up then got bad again. I hardly did a work out or anything really physically active until yesterday when I rode 9-10 miles.

I follow a few fitness instagram profiles and there’s this guy, dmotivator, who’s holding a 8 week transformation contest. I am going to try it. I want to see if can make some results. I had a dead line at the end of June to be 230lbs and unfortunately didn’t hit the mark. I’m currently 252lbs so I got some work to do. I want to see how much I can do in those 8 weeks. I want to kick some ass and let that be my launchpad for a comeback.

I think it would be good for me.

"Eat a ton of protein. Squat heavy. Push heavy objects. Have sex. Love life."

— Jim Wendler, 5/3/1: The Simplest and Most Effective Training System to Increase Raw Strength (98)

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Tour De Queens 2014

I was able to do the Tour De Queens yesterday, July 6th, despite being sick. It was fun because I did it with some meetup group members. They killed it in the 20 miles. The rest of the day was spent resting and watching Netflix. 

Yesterday’s ride

Gave me insight on how much work I have left to do in preparation for the century rides. My breathing, my food intake during the ride and breaks, pacing myself, riding style and a few other things. It’s going to take time and practice for the next 3 months.

"Being happy is a very personal thing—and it really has nothing to do with anyone else ."

— Abraham Hicks, Getting Into the Vortex (via thedapperproject)

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So I signed up for a couple of century tours for September and decided to start training and riding more. Yesterday, I rode out with my friend’s dad who cycles as well. He does long rides solo and in a group. We ended up going to the North County Trail from Elmsford all the way up to Putnam Avenue…

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